Community Chat Jan 12, 2022

Reclaim Hosting is offering the first of many “community chats“ on January 12th. This session will showcase a new tool for Domain of One’s Own schools looking to help highlight the work happening in their communities.

This session will show you how to get started with a Domains community site that allows your faculty, students, and staff to showcase the sites they are building. Reclaim is offering this as a site template to allow Domain of One’s Own admins to get started quickly as well as make it easy to customize the community site to your school’s individual needs.

I’ll be leading this first community chat. I’m Reclaim’s Community Instructional Technologist and I’m new to the team. I previously worked at St. Norbert College where I was their domains admin for several years and implemented several community-building sites like the one that will be featured in this community chat. This session is geared towards Domain of One’s Own admins but is free and open for anyone to join. You can join the discussion live by signing up at the link below or catch the recording later.

Where: Online, Register here:

When: January 12, 2022 12 - 1 PM EST


Would like to use “Modify cPanel & WHM News” functionality in WHM, but need to know how to get it to display on user login to their cpanel,

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This isn’t something I have experience with yet but will add this to my stuff to look into!

It does work, but the problem in my opinion is where the news page is actually located. When you use that feature your users will see a badge on the notification icon at the top right:
Capture 2022-01-12 at 08.35.08

If they click the bell icon they will see your news update. I think this is a little too out of the way for most use cases though.

I’m going to add better cPanel news or notifications to my list of things to check out.

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Should I know where this is happening yet? I don’t think I’ve seen anything and I did register.

It will be at Video Meetings, Video Conferencing, and Screen Sharing - Whereby (formerly


You should have gotten an email, but now you have the backstage pass :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all those who attended today! I’ve got the recording of the session below, along with some links that were shared during the discussion.

Also, keep in mind that if you would like to use this template on your DoOO, email and ask!

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I’m starting to document building a local version of a community site from this template. I hope capturing my step-by-step might be helpful to someone else. My first two posts are here:


This is awesome, Tim, why am I not surprised, though?

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Two more posts are up on my work with the community site template.

Installing the template (super easy!):

Working with The Post Grid Isotope plugin:

I have a couple more posts planned, and when they’re done I’ll post them here.


Tayor, do you have a web URL for a Demo Community Site that you will be keeping up for a while. I noticed that “Taylor’s Demo Site” has already gone the way of the Dodo. (RIP)

Yeah sorry about that!

This is going to be the place for our demo going forward:

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