Opening Port 1935 on Peertube Docker Instance

I recently upgraded Peertube to version 3.0 which includes live streaming as part of the codebase. This is pretty cool, and I uploaded my existing Docker instance for that is running in a Docker container and using the Traefik reverse proxy. The latest install instructions for Peertube now recommend Nginx for the reverse proxy, but from what I understand Traefik should still work.

I tried adding “1935:1935” to the line under - "443:443" in the docker-compose.yml file and spinning the instance down and back up using docker-compose down and docker-compose up. Unfortunately, that did not open up port 1935. I was sure to check the Firewall settings in Reclaim Cloud, and to make sure that was open.

I also tried creating a Nginx load balancer with a new IP and putting that in front of Peertube, but that was a non-starter.

I am thinking it might be a good time to consider switching to Nginx to stay with the latest recommendations from Peertube, but I am not sure how I would do that cleanly, will research that more, but in the meantime anyone have experience with traefik and opening port 1935 on a reverse proxy for a Docker container?

This was solved in now time by our genius sysadmin @cblankenship

It looks like the port had to be specified in the peertube section rather than the reverse-proxy section


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