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In the Site Health section of my dashboard I see a note to update the PHP version, and there’s a link to learn more. When I click that link it takes me a page that says it’s all fine. Is this legit? (Oops, just realized I’m logged in under a work account - the site where I get this message is

Hey Barbara,

The server that your site is on is running CloudLinux, which does indeed provide an added level of performance and security. That said, its definitely still good practice to make sure your sites are running the latest possible version of PHP. We have a guide on changing your PHP version here: Changing your PHP version

You can find more info about the WordPress Site Health section here:


Great, thank you! I do have to update the PHP version on another site (or two) so the guide will be very helpful.

Okay, another pesky PHP question: WordPress says I should update to 7.4 buy cPanel only has up to 7.3. I doubt it’s an issue, but just curious … how often does it change? And how important is it to be using the very latest version? Thanks.

Gotta love pesky PHP :slight_smile: The PHP versions we offer are controlled by our software vendors; cPanel announced that they are working on releasing PHP 7.4 but there is no definitive date when that will be released. Once it is available to us, we will make it available to all of our servers.

I kind of figured as much. Thanks for the quick response. I’ll just wait and update when it becomes available.

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