508 Error Message

Hey team, not sure if this warrants a ‘topic’ so sorry in advance. Been getting a few 508’s lately when I go to post. Wondering if it is some kind of karma for writing such elongated posts or something? They publish, just takes a few minutes to gain access to my blog, Just thought that I would ask as my Googling says that it is a hosting thing. Thank you for you patience in advance.

Hey there,

Yeah, so a 508 “Resource Limit Reached” error is caused by the software we use called CloudLinux that restricts the amount of memory and CPU an account can use as well as the number of open connections. When the error gets thrown it can happen for a variety of reasons (sudden large amounts of traffic, plugin gone haywire, or various other things). Our first step is usually to increase some of the default limits and see if it clears up which I’ve done for your account now. Let me know if you continue to experience this issue!

As long as there is nothing that I should be doing, will continue being patient and let you know if it persists. Thank you as always.