A Corner for Newbies?

I’m getting ready for our eCampus Ontario project in mid August where we will bring on 30 people new to having their own domain. We will have them use twitter but was thinking about pointing them here as a community space. It seems like most of the activity here is technical or for more advanced users-- is there a spot we might use, or maybe a new corner table for New DOoOers?

I think they’d be overwhelmed.

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I like that idea a lot, particularly given we tend to watch this channel through slack even more closely than Twitter. Twitter support can get rough given the expectations of brevity and instataneous feedback, I love the idea of a corner here for new DoOO, and would be happy to get that rolling. We can even have Mathers do some art :slight_smile:


Yes, catch Bryan before he disappears to Quebec!

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I think it’d be great to get more of a community here.

When I was still teaching, I used Discourse to manage my classes (back when I was a technology education professor rather than a Discourse consultant). If you envision your group needing its own community, as opposed to a support community for DoOO, you might run your own Discourse instance. One way to do that is right here at Reclaim Hosting.

Okay, we’d like a corner! Even if we don’t have the perfect icon yet, can a category be set up at the Meta level to welcome newbies? I’d like to link to it in the materials I am developing.

Pretty please?