A couple very newbie questions about subdomains and directories/subfiles

Hi, ho,

What happens if you create a subdomain (either here or on another site like Wordpress.com) and then delete it? Will you ever be able to use that particular name again? Does the same hold true for directories/subfolders?

I’m asking because, over the last 10 years or so, I’ve created, without really knowing that I was doing it, around 10 subdomains. I’m going on the assumption that every time you create a blog/website, you create a new subdomain. I’ve got 6 on Wordpress.com, 2 on Blogger, 1 on Livejournal, 1 on Tumblr…a site on Moodlecloud…

I’m experimenting with setting up subdomains and directories/subfiles here and eventually migrating most of the content from elsewhere. I’ve got some redirects set up within a couple subdomains https://campstories2019.nelkat.net and https://englishacorns.nelkat.net but may want to eventually set up something where all my teaching related stuff is gathered, plus some other subcategories for other topics.

I found (belatedly - sorry!) that one can rename, delete and restore files in file manager - would that rename a subdomain? Also, that one can delete and restore a page in Wordpress. Would that delete and restore a directory/subfolder?

I expect that I will make mistakes in getting everything organized so I want to make sure that if I do accidentally delete something I want to use later, I can get it back!

Hope that makes sense! Sorry this is so long…:open_mouth:

Thank you very much and have a wonderful holiday!!!


PS: This https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/camp/week-2/

and this https://forums.reclaimhosting.com/t/subdomains-and-subfolders/268

were very helpful, by the way. Just to double-check - a subfolder and a directory are the same thing, yes? Thank you!