A good kanban + project management application

Dream option: Taiga

Still good: https://wekan.github.io

Most basic: https://kanboard.org

for what it’s worth, I managed to install Kanboard relatively easy following this guide https://docs.kanboard.org/v1/admin/installation/

if you want plugins follow these steps:

1:Rename&Check $(Kanboarddir)/config.default.php to config.php, and set parameter PLUGIN_INSTALLER to true
2:Check Permission $(kanboarddir)/plugins dir (need allow write www-user)
3:Need php-zip extension – install this by going to PHP PEAR Packages, searching zip and clicking install on Archive_zip

@brimwats This thread inspired me to create an installer on Reclaim Cloud given the greater availability of stack options there. Taiga now in Marketplace Will probably add others like Wekan too.

thanks tim! I’ll try it out. I asked on the blog post, but will we be able to eventually transition our reclaim accounts to reclaim cloud?

Cloud is just a separate product so you’ll be able to keep both actually (or if you decide you don’t need shared hosting you can always let it expire and only use cloud, or vice versa). If you are migrating data from an app on shared hosting to cloud it would be more manual, but we are always happy to assist there as part of our migration service. But for many it will probably make sense to keep shared hosting for several projects and just use Cloud for the small things here and there that are not compatible.