Account Auto-renewal option (Planned)

This would be mega handy. Otherwise I have to put the date of hosting and domain renewal in my calendar and hope I don’t miss it or that your email doesn’t get overlooked in my inbox - just auto renew each year would be a really smart option - cheers

I’m pleased to say this feature is now under development. We will be sending out an announcement regarding it as well as update here once it is implemented.


Hi- has this been implemented yet? I would love this option as well!

Auto bill pay would be great. I think I have two times a year that my separate domains need to be paid. I always overlook the payment and don’t notice until about a week has gone by that my website’s down.

As an update here while we originally thought this work would be completed by a third party developer that didn’t end up working out and the process has been more complex than we expected. We take a very conservative approach to automatic payments due to a large majority of our customer base being students and faculty on fixed incomes so we have to find a balance that gives folks who want it the option to be automatically billed while ensuring it is completely opt-in and that the messaging is clear for both types when an account comes due. But this is still definitely “planned” as a feature we hope to implement in the future. In the meantime customers should know that they can always request to pay for multiple years in advance or be billed in advance of due dates (we bill 30 days prior to any expiration and we keep data for an additional 90 days beyond the due date of any invoice although domain name grace periods are typically much shorter at 30 days past due).

Any update on this?


No updates, it’s still on our radar but definitely got pushed to the backburner by other priorities. And frankly for every person that wants to be automatically billed there are at least 3-4 support tickets for people worried that we are going to charge them automatically so we’re still very careful and intentional about making sure we don’t inadvertently cause undo stress there. We have added some additional notifications to the renewal cycle to make sure folks know when they have hosting or domains that are due.