Advantages of A or CNAME dns records?

Is there an advantage to using A or CNAME dns records for custom domains pointing to cloud servers?

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Hey Chris,

Main advantage of CNAME is if IP address changes the mapping is unaffected, whereas if it’s an A record and the IP address changes for the environment the mapping breaks. Other than that no discernible difference.

I believe the best option is to use ANAME record where it’s possible (if your DNS provider supports it). It will give you advantages of the both: unaffected mapping if the IP address changes and you can bind the record to the “naked” domain without www. prefix.

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Do you mean CNAME or A records?

Jim, I mean ANAME, it’s like a mix of CNAME and A record. More details can be found at the link

That is new to me, thanks for the link. Will have to play around with that for my Jelastic environments that have mapped domains

Interesting. It appears that hover, which I use for domains, doesn’t offer ANAME records.

You can change your DNS to Cloudflare and use their service

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