Announcing Open Office Hours

Starting this week we’ll be having open office hours at Reclaim Hosting headquarters (ok, it’s the slightly disheveled office in my home, dream with me). This will happen this Thursday at 11AM EST and we hope to continue doing these every other week depending on demand. Open office hours are a chance for you to…

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Did Open Office Hours become a thing? It sounds like a good idea…

It never really took off in this incantation (probably partly to do with people not wanting to be on a live stream with me). I agree I think it was a good idea. I think it could be cool to do it as a weekly collection of the best questions in support as well as announcements and stuff like that. Almost like a podcast rather than a live streamed session.

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Informative, instructive, interactive, community building. I hope to see it revived.

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Whatever form this takes, I’d be interested. Thanks!

I’d also be interested in a revival. Always so much to do, often easier to make it happen when there are others around!