Any FeedWordPress experts (boilerplate features and such)?

I’m using the FeedWordPress plugin to import links from Pinboard. It is basically working (see this example post), but I am unsure how to accomplish a few things:

  1. How to get the description, which comes in the part of the feed, to be wrapped in a paragraph. See the Sadly we will all ace it line in the example.

  2. How to make the source link active:

    • The plugin provides a boilerplate section and the short tags: [original-link][/original-link] to create an original link, as seen on the testpage, but there is no exact equivalent for the source URL, just [source-url] which adds the text, as seen in bold on the test page, but no way to make it active (e.g. no ‘[source-link][/source-link]’ combo.

    • PREFERABLY I would be happy to just add the source link using a template file or something, since the source-link for all of these is the same and, in fact, different from the [source-link] anyway.

Any help would be much appreciated. If this post in the wrong place, let me know!

Just like the old days!

Regarding #1, does flipping the “formatting filter” to expose work? It’s at Log In ‹ FNCLL — WordPress

It might do more than you’d like.

It’s been a while but there is some documentation here. I never can find that site for some reason.

Regarding #2, something like this will probably work. Although I’ve read that piece enough times that I have no idea if I actually understand what you’re asking. It’s just a hardcoded link to the pinboard main page that’s appended to any syndicated post content.

add_filter( 'the_content', 'fncll_fwp_pinboard_fitler', 1 );

function fncll_fwp_pinboard_fitler( $content ) {

    // Check if it's syndicated
    if (is_syndicated() ) {
       return $content . "<div class='fncll-tag'><a href=''>The FNCLL Pinboard source</a></div>";
    } else {
     return $content;
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It’s funny…I tried a few different alternatives, but ended up coming back to FeedWP.

Thanks for the help! The first option leads to some other weirdness, and since it can only be applied to all the feeds or none of them, I’m not using it.

But the second gives me what I need…I missed the templates and functions completely, but they should do the job!

(I wish the boilerplate feature in FeedWP were more functional/capable so no custom functions and such were needed)

FWP is still the best I’ve seen. I wish he’d charge more for consulting!

We could probably figure out how to wrap just the one piece in paragraph tags. If you look at the custom fields, it’ll give you a better idea about what gets written to the post by default. That stuff would all be easy to play with.

There may be better ways to tweak things in the templating, but I am more familiar with the other stuff and am lazy.

I’ve been meaning to post some gushing about FWP that the old ship still operates well.

I have never messed with this approach either but wow, that does offer possibilities I wish I had known about when I was using it more.

Did you look at trying an IFTTT approach? I am using it to tweet 'n toot my pinboard with a specific tag, it gives you access to the title, description, link separately. Not sure how it works with a destination posting to WordPress

That’s a good idea! I use IFTTT for a bunch of other things…it never dawned on me to use it for this.

It’d be perfect for Yahoo Pipes :slight_smile:

I do use pinboard for my weekly link posts based on the tag “weekly” . . . might be more hassle than it’s worth but you could definitely roll your own with out a lot of hassle. I wrote up my stuff here.

Oh how I miss Yahoo Pipes! I have some similar code somewhere from years ago that achieves almost the same thing using (which I also miss). That was my linklog of old. I was proud of that code because the late Alex King stumbled across it and said something to the effect of “that’s exactly how I would have done it!”

I’ll probably implement something similar again, if I don’t run out of time, this time using Python (since I am trying to learn the language a bit more intentionally) and pinboard…

PS: Note from an old to the kids: if you burn down your sites and such, archive them somewhere for yourself. You won’t regret it!

I believe that pinboard follows all the old patterns on the API-side. That old code might still work. The guy who runs pinboard actually bought the old servers and stuff a few (6 . . . time flies) years ago.