Anyone get the Livechat feature going with RocketChat yet?

I have installed RocketChat and am trying to get the Livechat widget showing on my Reclaim Hosting website:

The chat widget appears empty, and I am getting various ‘mixed active content’ errors in the Console, even though I’ve enabled SSL on the RocketChat instance… might anyone have any ideas or experience in getting this going?

Thanks very much,

I was originally thinking this might be due to an environment variable. RocketChat has an environment URL called ROOT_URL that was set to http previously as it looks like that is hard-coded in the installer:

I updated that and then restarted the container. But I’m still seeing the error. Is the http version of the URL saved anywhere in the settings? Maybe after install it doesn’t look to the environment variable anymore.

Thanks for looking into it Tim! I’ve been looking for that too but so far no luck. If you look at the source of the Web page it does have the https but yet it gives that error. I will keep digging :slight_smile:

Hi @timmmmyboy, I am finally trying to follow-up on this issue as I might try Reclaim Cloud with my Fall 363 class!

I’ve got RocketChat Livechat running, and have checked that the URL in site vars was updated. It looks to be working, here is a direct test URL:

However, even though I see the script at the bottom of my HTML page I don’t see the Livechat widget:

Any ideas? Firewall maybe? HTTPS maybe?


It is an SSL issue as browsers will not embed a widget that is not at least as secure as the parent site, here is what I see as an error in the console:

Since you’re running it on a subdomain you can use the shared SSL cert. I enabled it in the topology wizard for that environment here:

I also updated the ROOT_URL variable to use https too. But then I get a white screen at the livechat URL. Would the http version be stored anywhere else (maybe as part of the widget code or in the settings of the app? It might be worth asking in the Rocket Chat support forum to see what options are for SSL. The installer uses the Rocket Chat official docker container.

Thanks @timmmmyboy, progress!

I will try to contact RC support, but in the meantime does this help?

I also found this, but mostly it is over my head:

As best I can tell that guide says as long as SSL is working at the proxy level (which it is now) setting the ROOT_URL should be enough. I even restarted the container. I don’t know enough about the app to speak more to that so I’d be curious if you find out more.

Thanks very much Tim, I’ve submitted a ticket to RC support and will share the results.

I had some more time to try a test instance and was able to see it working after I changed the URL to https under Administration > General:

I changed that for my instance to use https and then I restarted the container and that seemed to take. Give that a shot and feel free to DM me a login if you want me to take a deeper look.

Thanks so much @timmmmyboy, you found the issue! I changed that Admin URL to https, restarted the container, and indeed it worked​:tada::tada::tada: Now we both know how to get RC going on Reclaim Cloud!

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I am now trying to get the Offline Form to work via email, and it seems I need to enter a SMTP server:

Do you have any suggestions on what I could/should use here @timmmmyboy?

UPDATE: I will try GMail SMTP and let you know if it works!

Thanks very much,

Nice! Glad to hear it’s working. There are some really interesting features in there I plan to look into more (live broadcasting? Hell yeah!). And yeah, Gmail works for SMTP (I think they allow 100 emails a day or something like that?), or you can use a service like Mailgun which we have documented here for Wordpress but it would be the same setup for Rocket Chat

Great news @timmmmyboy, I’ve been able to use GMail SMTP and following the settings on this page:

So now it looks like the Livechat widget is working on Reclaim Cloud and the offline form email function🎉

I will next test this on my Fall 2020 CMPT-363 course site and see what type of monthly cost I am look at etc:

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