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I’m starting to prep for a presentation about using DoOO Beyond Wordpress for the New Year at Plymouth State. I’m hoping to highlight uses beyond Wordpress - I plan on showing the TruCollector, TruWriter, Yourls, Omeka, and hopefully at least one forum and wiki tool (to name a few). If there are any tools your campus uses that have really solid use cases I would love to see or hear about them.

A couple of my examples might not count for “Beyond WordPress” since they are WordPress based. At SUNY Oneonta we’ve done a lot of work with PressBooks using our DoOO hosting.

I’m REALLY excited about a Drupal Project. I’ve been jealous of eCampus Ontario and LibreText H5P Studios.

  • I’ve been meeting with Yasin Dahi. He has open sourced the code that built H5P Studio (He’s rebranding it as OER Studio) and after an introduction with the Reclaim team, he’s planning on creating an installatron installer. My prototype:

We are transitioning some individual Omeka sites from Omeka Classic to a centrally hosted Omeka S.

  • This student project has been going for a long time. It’s an Omeka Classic site with oral histories and transcripts that our students have been collecting for 10 years. One of our goals is to migrate this data to a new, more modern looking site:

  • As we try to move to Omeka S, we wanted a more central site that could power multiple future collections, using Omeka S installations like Yale as a model. Our first import will be the data from the CGP Community stories, but hope that in the community stories example can help spread to our special collections and future projects. This is really just a placeholder for the work we hope to do in the coming year :Milne Library Exhibits · James M. Milne Library Digital Exhibits · Milne Library Exhibits

  • Even though we are trying to centralize on one large Omeka server- we still encourage our students to install their own sandboxes so they can play with new modules/ themes, and this is a students work who is planning on the future design of cgpcommunity stories in a safe space:

  • This project was built on AWS for a computer science class, but the students are going to help us port it back to SUNY Create so that the prototype they designed in their advanced web building can be maintained by a librarian and used by the public. The project was to bring scanned letters from the Millard Fillmore Collection into an Omeka Server, but invite public transcription using a plugin called scripto that connects a MediaWiki Server to an Omeka Server so that users can register and transcribe the collection in kind of a “Citizen History Project.” Ignore that this is only an IP Address for now, this is the AWS prototype that the CS students installed the old fashioned way, but we will move their work into SUNY Create next semester:

Both Oneonta and Geneseo have been looking at Commons in a Box: OpenLab, which is a WordPress Multisite, but also adds a bunch of features for education. One of the things that I love is that projects can be shared only inside the Oneonta community or shared publicly on the web. They have some really nice features in the way they manage sites that help us comply with FERPA. I really like it for portfolios, and for giving access to WordPress sites with a slightly quicker start than full cPanel

I wrote about when we use CBOX Openlab and when we use full cPanel in a blog post.

We had a faculty run journal on our campus that was discontinued because of ADA Accessibility concerns. It was basically PDFs uploaded to our official SUNY Oneonta Website, and the communications team wanted to reaffirm the purpose of the website is for advertising to potential students and not that type of academic sharing. We installed the Public Knowledge Projects Open Journal System and the faculty are exploring putting together a journal using that software.

Right now, we only have a shell for the future journal, the editorial board is going through PKP School, use the spring to setup their workflows, and relaunch the journal in the Spring. This might be an interesting case studio if the faculty follow through. We could use WordPress for this, but the OJS is designed for hosting a journal, and includes editorial workflow, and systems to help us connect more formally to the world of open publishing.

  • Nothing to see yet, but I hope the faculty will continue to fill this out. Since there is no installatron for OJS, we have to update this installation manually. However, there has been value to teaching some interested faculty and staff how to install a lamp server “the old fashioned way:” Northeastern Geoscience

Thanks so much for sharing Ed! We have a separate install of Pressbooks on one of our servers but the rest of this is very interesting. I’ll be referencing some during my presentation so great!!! And some of the installs (beyond Standard Wordpress) are exactly what I’m looking for.

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I’d love to see the final product!

Likely too late but there are a variety of examples from DoOO schools here. It’s a mix of applications and you should be able to navigate with the right/left arrow buttons on your keyboard. There’s Omeka, some more advanced WP, and Scalar in there for sure.

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Here were the basic slides. I didn’t record the session I don’t believe! Sign in to your account

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