Can DoOOers create a common metadata taxonomy to discover and share their work?

I’m looking for help to understand how we can discover and share across our own domains, marking up everything we create as web 2.0 content using a common metadata taxonomy. I’ve asked ed techs, librarians, social scientists and teachers. I’m surprised I can’t find any open standards for educators.
This list is modified from a National Information Standards Organization document.

  • I am implementing software to manage my documents, e.g. an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)
  • I am trying to standardize descriptions across document types, documents created by different groups, databases, websites etc
  • I want to improve retrieval of information
  • I want to improve the sharing of information
  • I want to ensure interoperability across systems
  • I want to ensure the preservation of its information over time
  • I need to improve archival descriptions
  • I want to demonstrate compliance with standards e.g. for records management