Can't get SSH access to work

Hello, I’m trying to SSH into my domain for the first time. I used the “SSH Access” tool in Reclaim Hosting’s client area to generate a key. I then opened my terminal (I’m on a mac) and tried to SSH in using my Reclaim Hosting username and password, but my password wasn’t accepted. I tried to submit this as a support ticket, but the support page is down. Help? Thanks!


Sorry to here the support page was down, can you point me to that broken link so I can take care of that? As for SSH, you need to use the FTP username and password you got in your welcome email, and the format would be as follows:


After that you will be prompted for you password, be sure they are both your FTP/SSH username/pass from the welcome email. Also, if you send an email to with your specific domain we can help you if this does not work.

Jim Groom
Co-founder, Reclaim Hosting

Thanks a lot, that password worked! The support page that isn’t loading is:


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