CBox theme and documents upload

I’m using the Wordpress C Box theme.
Where can I allow e.g. PDF or docx, to be uploaded as an attachment with a post anywhere on my website? When I try, I get the error message ‘filetype is not permitted’
I need help with this…

Thank you!

I posted some place else before but got no answer…
I would like to know what I am doing wrong with the following:

  1. I have a Wordpress - CBox theme. When I try uploading documents like docx or PDF I keep getting the error message ‘file type not permitted’


  1. the max. upload size is given as 3MB. How can I increase that value?

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You may have more luck in the CBOX support forum https://commonsinabox.org/groups/help-support/forum/. We don’t have many folks using that software on Reclaim currently given how new it is. That being said since it’s built on WP multisite perhaps the following will be helpful: