Changing images on themes

Typical newbie here, focusing on how it looks rather than what’s in there. But…what’s the process of switching up the photos? I’m looking at the mountains in the Aerial template. Although I preferred the Eventually theme but kept getting this error mssg:

(XID 4nznc9) “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/process_site_templates” reported error code “255” when it ended: Publication of site template failed: Not a SCALAR reference at /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/process_site_templates line 189.

thx :slight_smile:

Yeah the Eventually theme has a bug we’re looking into (blame @cogdog, haha). The image Aerial uses is assets/css/images/bg.jpg so you could replace that file with another of the same name. Sort of a pain with the Site Publisher stuff, it’s great for quick templates but any modifications will mean editing the code and files directly. If you find yourself wanting to make a lot of changes it’s probably a good idea to graduate to something like WordPress where you can install themes and have quite a bit more functionality over the look and feel of the site.

It’s definitely possible; in our guide for this part of the workshop under the heading “Uploading Your Own Files with the File Manager” I describe how to use the File Manager to replace an image file, but it involves inspecting the source of the original to discover the name of the file.

But the point here is not to create a lasting site with Site Publisher, it’s really for someone new to make a place holder. If you are that level of modification, you could get the HTML theme the Site Publisher uses and upload all the files here. We are really at a level of sophistication beyond what we want to be doing with people new to domains.

I’ve actually done this for a friend’s site (I replaced the mountains with vegetables)

It calls not only for using the static HTML theme, but photoshoppnig the veggies, making it background transparent…

Again we are not building the utimate site to use here. Site Publisher is really to do something quick and easy. When you start thinking this level of modification, it’s time for a different tool.

Thanks for the tip - guess I was looking for the easy way out of WordPress, but I’ll move on to that (eventually…hehe)

Thanks for this too - the place holder framing helps. I’ll stick with Site Publisher for now and craft a plan.

Thank you! I had this exact same question. Have now installed wordpress for my main domain as well as my subdomains.

Well, I thought I was following instructions, but when I try to replace a file, named the same as the existing background.jpeg, it uploads a text file. I checked the “replace existing” option on the upload.
I have included a screen shot of what I see as well as proof of what I am uploading is actually a pic (albeit quite a bit smaller than the existing, which may cause another issue… but I will deal with that one later.)

[Ok, so I can’t prove it’s a pic here b/c of the 1 upload limit. Stay tuned!]
Fingers crossed it’s a quick fix!
Thanking advance for any assistance,

Proof it’s a pic…

Hi Peggy,

Web servers are very picky about file name extensions; I have tested and images that end in .JPEG are uploaded as text, but simply changing to .jpeg takes care of them being uploaded as image/x-generic files.

And also, file names are case sensitive on web servers, so actually background.JPEG is a different file than background.jpeg

SOOOO. try this -

  1. On your computer change the file of your new image to be background.jpeg
  2. Then try uploading and see if it replaces the original

PS sorry I missed seeing a notice of your question.

Nope. While I sign up for an Intro to Computers course…

Originally, I renamed the file to include the “e”, but it wouldn’t allow a lowercase save. I have a video showing the bounce in case you don’t believe.

I did look for a solution, but it was mainly for lower to upper.
I flipped to Paint and it allowed a lowercase save. One down.

And even though the file seems to sit there, it still has moving mountains (yes I cleared everything out- even used new browser) and I see the attached when I try to view. post upload|614x262
Sure,it takes a jpg here…

I went into other jpg files in the back end (from WP posts) and the view is always askew. But the front end is fine.

It’s just making sense in my head…Anyone?

I can check this out at the server level, just let me know your domain and I can see why this might be happening.

Actually, never mind, I found it. I think it might be a browser caching issue, because the image /public_html/img/background.jpeg is loading for me here: Bedroom Furniture Promo | Best Place To buy Bedroom Furniture | shop Bedroom Furniture |

Try clearing your browser cache and a hard refresh (Shift + Refresh the browser page) and let me know if you see the background image cleanly.

Thank you kindly. I can be found at

OK, I see the default templates, are you trying to get your image there instead? let me know exactly what you want to do with that image.

Yes, I am trying to replace moving mountains with Sante Fe forest. For
sure, the issue is on my end, I just can’t resolve it.

OK, that helped, I think I figured out the issue. Although, Tim and Alan probably have a clearer idea of how the site template works. But the background image with the mountains is stored in the assets folder, the entire path is as follows: public_html/assets/css/images/

So, I moved the background.jpeg image from public_html/img/ where it was uploaded to public_html/assets/css/images/ After that, I changed the original image titled bg.jpg to bg.jpg-off and renamed your image from background.jpeg to bg.jpg. After that, your image worked. Now, you’ll notice there are some styling features that may not make the image you choose the best one, or we can play with the CSS (the code that controls HTML site’s styles) to make it a bit cleaner. I’m not sure how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go, or if there are easier ways. But starting to wrap your head around HTML and CSS can be kinda fun (maybe) and pretty useful.

Thanks so much! These steps def deviate from the ones I found. Never would
have landed without your help.
I am o.k. with the fuzzy pic, it suits me.
“HTML and CSS can be kinda fun” I am not sure from where you assist, but do
they not have books, the outdoors, movies, beer, and wine? Not sure there
is fun in any of those letters you’re throwing around.
Take care,
peg, who knows just enough about computers to be dangerous

I live in the internet, all we have are acronyms. You humans and your mountains have created nothing but Mordor. The future belongs to the computers!!!

Well, far be it from me to drag you from the cave, but it’s not so bad out
here. We have sunshine and things that are alive;)

Way to go the extra mile, Reclaim.

The issue with directory confusion is because if you run Site Publisher with a few different templates, it can create several different asset directories. So as Jim (that is you, right Jim?) mentions, any customization calls for dissection of the source HTML/CSS.

At te point you are trying to finagle this is when you can realize that unless you are okay with the simple results of Site Publisher, you can move away and consider working directly with the HTML5up theme this is based on, or maybe try a Wordpress site at the main URL with a landing page theme.

I have done customization of this theme for a friend, and you need to do more than a square image to get a nice effect; While this image is pretty, it will not work well because the cropping cuts off the sites. You need an isolated item, on a background colored #348cb2 and the image should be the same dimensions as the original (1500x500 to work the same). Here is one I did for a friend’s site that is a farmers market:

I tried doing some photoshop erasing on Peg’s image, but it look pretty crappy:

Frankly I think her site calls for puppies

Upload any of those to public_html/assets/css/images/ as bg.jpg and you might get something like:

Normally, I would thank for the pleasing puppy pic as it distracted from the whack of mysterious words washing over me. However, puppies are problematic. Dudley will go for the jugular if he sees me using another animal on my landing page. Mohammed goes (back) to the mountains. I will just think of my time in Calgary rather than the SW.
Thanks for the great support all around!