Cloud costs and shared hosting

I’m enjoying playing with Reclaim Cloud. For me, it’s a very cool sandbox. It appears that the base cost (no real traffic) for hosting a db container and WordPress container with a public IP is going to be something like 90 cents a day. So, let’s call it a $1/day. Does that seem about right?

I might be off by .20 or so per day as I have public IPs where I probably don’t need them!

Obviously, shared hosting will be less expensive, at the cost of much less versatility and freedom. I’m just trying to get a sense of general costs if I decide to build any “keeper” sites on Reclaim Cloud.

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It’s probably about right, though every container type is going to be different (I find running MySQL requires a few cloudlets whereas a PHP node can run on just 1 if it has no traffic). The cost of a public IP is static ($3/mo when provisioned 24/7). The best way to gauge costs so that you can have a real expectation ongoing is the billing history which provides good reports right down to the environment and nodes in the environment. I find more often than not I can see trends that allow me to budget accordingly.

When you click this icon you’ll pull it up for a specific environment:

and I can see my Litespeed node (which I run WP on but I’m not running MySQL separately) is about $1/day consistently and I can expand it to see where the costs are within that:

My blog runs in Reclaim Cloud an has consistently cost .85-$1 per day. So $30 per month for a WP install is definitely more than shared hosting, but my site was having issues on shared so this was a good test, and it is super reliable. I spend another .50-.65 cents a day on the ds106 suite of sites, .30 cents a day on a VPS and another $2 per day on random experiments peerTube, Justin, Ghost, DomainMod, and a couple more that has my monthly cost hovering about $120 per month all-in-all. So it is not going to be more affordable, but as a group or personal sandbox for playing with Docker and more it is pretty awesome, so thrilled you’re digging it.

Thanks for the great breakdowns. Rather than spinning up a whole other thread I figured I’d ask something that’s been on my mind lately about cost ranges. I know asking about costs regarding RCloud is like the “how long is a piece of string” question, but I’m interested in your thoughts and experiences. I know Jim has written on the Bava about Jitsi costs last summer. I’m curious what your experiences have been so far with using Jitsi for web conferencing vs. other solutions. If $4 ish was spent in August for Bavameets, what were the duration and frequency and attendance of meetings that lead to that? Or if there are newer numbers, I’m all ears.
Thanks for any feedback you’ve got so far.

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I use Jitsi on my site pretty irregularly given Reclaim uses whereby. But it has cost me next to nothing given I can turn it on and off. So I have used it about 3 times last month and the costs were less than a dollar. My goal is to get in the habit of using it more regularly so I can provide more detailed number, but must admit that has not been the case.

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