Cloud for DoOO users?

As a current DoOO member through my institution, will I be able to access Reclaim Cloud services - either as part of my current subscription or via a small additional fee?

Also, the link to signup for the open beta currently seems to point nowhere.

Hey Mark,

Reclaim Cloud is currently a fully separate product from DoOO, however we are talking to a few schools already that will be providing it as an option to their users where the school would cover the costs. If that’s of interest I’d encourage you to get in touch with the admins at your school to voice your support for it.

For the signup link looks like there’s an issue on mobile, should be seeing this at the bottom of the page:

A workaround is to also go to and use this signup link:

The button appears in Chrome on my MacBook but not in Firefox, FYI.

Thanks for the response!

Excellent, that helps and the bug is now fixed :slight_smile: