Community Chat - February 9th, 2022

We are calling the next Community Chat “State of Reclaim!

This chat will be an overview of what we have been busy with at the start of the new year at Reclaim Hosting, as well as what we are looking ahead toward. In this community chat, we’ll hear from the various groups at Reclaim about what they have been up to, as well as a breakdown of the initial work on an exciting new project for us that we’re calling the “Domains API.”

Register at the link below to attend the chat. We will email details on how to join in the days leading up to the Community Chat

Where: Online, Register here:
When: February 9th, 2022 12 - 1 PM EST

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Hoping to make it - I couldn’t see anything last time because of a router coming in from New York. Hopefully it will work this time!

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Thanks for the chat today! I think one of the things I’m trying to get closer to figuring out with Templates/Documentation/a Pressbook now is ease of use for newbies. For someone brand new getting their sea legs in CPanel, when might I direct them to a SPLOT, when might I direct them to a template? Should I explain one or both in my beginner’s documentation (question for myself)?

I ask myself What do they need to take away from the process?

I started with a new beginner’s guide (below), but it’s still chock full of information some of which might not be relevant.

I did decide to make it WordPress focused as a starting point, because the world of CPanel is too much for a lot of people. So much to think about!

I waffle on this, but right now, I’m trying to center my own language around questions like “what are you trying to do?”

So for that reason, I do think starting with WordPress makes sense because many people are probably coming to your DoOO hoping to make a portfolio, blog or something like that. Then you can allude to further use cases like self-publishing etc. For that same reason, I like to introduce SPLOTs with the use case first, i.e. “Hey here is a tool that lets students in your class easily share things to your site”

I’m really curious though about how others approach this.

Hi Taylor,

I think I’ll build some more general documentation into the grand ol documentation site about the SPLOTs in Cpanel, I don’t have that there yet and I think there is value to explaining what those are :-D. I wonder the same! Thanks to the team for a great session today on all aspects of Reclaim!

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Alright, thanks to folks who were able to attend, and here is the recording for folks who couldn’t make it!

Here are some of the links that came up during the chat that you might want to check out:

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