Configuring MALLET for Omeka Classic - Text Analysis Plugin

I’m trying to configure the Text Analysis plugin for my Omeka site. To use the plugin it needs to be configured to connect to an IBM account and a MALLET script directory. I think I configured the IBM stuff correctly, but when I try to include the path to the MALLET directory I get this error:

“The MALLET script directory is invalid. Make sure the directory contains the MALLET script and that the script is executable by the web server.”

So far I’ve tried this using these file paths:


Any idea what I’m doing wrong or misunderstanding?


Not sure if you were able to get this working. Here is the link to Omeka Manual for Mallet use:

Some key points from the Manual:

  • In order to use Text Analysis you must have the Ngram plugin installed and activated.

  • The Text Analysis plugin uses two services: Watson NLU and MALLET Topic Modeling. Watson NLU will return the entities, keywords, and categories of a corpus; MALLET only returns topic models. You do not have to use both services but you must enter configurations for at least one in order to use this plugin.

  • Because using Watson NLU may incur costs, the functions of Text Analysis are restricted to users with super and admin permissions.

  • To use Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) services to analyze text, you will need to create an IBM Bluemix account. Please note that there may be charges associated with using this service.

  • Once you have an account, enter your Bluemix Username and Bluemix Password in the two fields provided.

  • To use MALLET you must first download and install the toolkit on your web server. It may be easiest to install it at the same level as your Omeka installation (so that the mallet and omeka folders are in the same location).

  • To find your MALLET script directory : go to your MALLET installation and navigate to the /bin folder.

    • If using a FTP client, copy the full path as listed in the browser bar of your client.
    • From a ssh client, navigate to the mallet directory and type pwd , then copy and paste the resulting file path.