Connect file storage to application server

My brain is being twisted into knots learning all of this, so apologies in advance if this questions has an answer somewhere already…

I’m playing around with an application that has a REST interface. A POST request would allow the user to store files on the server somewhere. Normally, this would just be a directory on the server. With cloud infrastructure, that’s more complex. I’m struggling with successfully connecting an application node with NFS extended storage in the same environment. How do I point a directory in the storage node to be used by the application node for file uploads?

That’s a great question! What you want to do is open up the config area for the node that you want to mount storage and click Mount Points here:

You can mount a folder on that node to a data storage container pretty easily. You specify the local folder at the top, select the NFS server node, and the remote folder path on the NFS server. (You can even export and mount folders across various nodes, doesn’t necessarily have to be a storage node).

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Ahhh, that was my mistake. I found the mount point interface in the docs, but I was looking at the NFS node, not the application node. I think I’m all set now. Thanks Tim.

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