Connection Reset when WP Importing to Subdomain

Strange behavior that doesn’t seem mentioned elsewhere in these forums, or at least my searching doesn’t turn it up.


  • Create a subdomain
  • Use Installatron to put a WordPress instance on that
  • (Set settings for Installatron; don’t screenshot settings; the issue may be in this step)
  • Export one category of Posts from a WordPress site at
  • Go to subdomain instance to import Posts, locate export file as the thing to be uploaded
  • Click “Upload File and Import”
  • Get “Connection was Reset” error (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, yes?)

I can edit and create new Posts and Pages, and comment on Posts, if that matters.

Hey Trip,

That’s odd, I definitely haven’t ran into that one. Is the upload file large (WP ones usually aren’t, although I have had them timeout importing posts). When you import the file does it import some stuff and then timeout or just not import anything? It’s safe to reimport the same file if it’s a timeout issue since WP will skip duplicates, but if it’s not importing anything and immediately erroring out that would be a sign of a larger issue.

It’s definitely weird. Happens right away, with a WP export file that’s only 39KB. That is, no, it doesn’t seem at all like a timeout error.

I’ll try to repeat with a different subdomain to see if it happens there also.

Created another new subdomain and the same thing happened. This time, the only thing I changed was the subdomain URL (test001) and the directory (to blank). Updated the WP importer plugin before importing, and the other WP is running 4.9.x rather than 5.x as the new site is.

If you don’t mind, send me a private message with the export file and I’ll do some additional testing on our end to see what might be up with it.

Can do— I’m going to try one last thing of trying to import-export between the two new subdomains to try to further isolate the trouble and will send you the main WXR with the success/failure result from that.

Huh – maybe because I’m a new account in the forums, I don’t see a PM link on your profile. I’ll send something to the main support addy, nbd.

I was able to do this from a home machine with a clean install of Mojave, so at least I’m around the issue for now. Still can’t tell what’s different between that machine and my work one (new machine, clean Mojave install, user imported), where even on a clean user account I can’t make the import happen. I’m going to compare the two machines’ System Preferences .plist files next. Feel free to close out the ticket associated with this, and I’ll post here if I figure it out.