Copying site from & to Multisite installs different domains

I’m looking for the ideas on the best/smoothest/quickest way to copy a site between WP multi-site installations. Specifically I’ve got two use cases that encounter frequently enough that I need a better workflow than just create from scratch.
Case 1: A WP multi-site install exists at domain.x. There’s a particular subsite there with specific plugins and themes activated. It’s at domain.x/site-y I need to make a duplicate of the site at a different WP multi-site install at domainB.x and call the site domainB.x/site-z What’s the best way to do this? Ideally I’d like to clone the whole thing: theme selected, customization, plugins, forms, and a few posts/pages.

Case 2: I need to clone/copy and entire WP multisite, including all the plugins, themes, and all the sub-sites. For example, I’ve got a WP multisite installed at domainC.x in the root. I want to duplicate it at domainD.x. Installatron doesn’t really do this since it really only does it for creating a new single install as far as my experience goes.

For both cases, I’ve got cPanel and WP super admin access to everything.

I know at least for Case #2 that Duplicator Pro should work. It has multisite support and I think it will handle search and replace on URLs as part of the process if I recall. As a bonus in case you ever need it, it supports moving a subsite into its own standalone install which is a pretty rare feature.

I don’t think it supports Case #1 and I’d be surprised if any automated solution did considering they’d have to modify an existing installation to network activate specific plugins/themes. Most of these solutions rely on the ability to create the site you’re migrating to from scratch. Case #1 is likely only possible with manual work. Likely it takes some form of moving database tables between the old and new multisite, but I’d also worry about ID numbers for users and blog IDs being off. Might be easier to use WP export/import and just match up theme/plugin stuff (though I know without WP export bringing in settings for themes that can be a dealbreaker).