Cost for Collaborator Accounts

I wanted to ask about what happens with already-existing trial accounts, which a paid user adds as a collaboration user.

In this case, my account is currently under trial; I can create up to 3 environments for myself (until the end of today). Ethan Watrall (@watrall) has added me as a collaboration user for his account. My question is, when my account is suspended tonight/tomorrow morning, will I continue to have access to the environments he has shared with me and those I have created under his account? I am already assuming I will lose access to any of the 3 environments that I may create under my own account.

In a related case, we created a test user, which Ethan added as a collaboration user. That email address received the invitation and I went through the process of setting a password and verifying via sms. This account however does not appear to be able to create its own environments; it only has the option to create them under Ethan’s account. Am I then inferring correctly that and account created through the process of collaboration sharing aren’t generated as Trial accounts? If so, what would someone in such a situation have to do to convert their collaboration user account into one that also has the trial account benefits?

I am asking to better understand the process; I don’t intend to turn this test user account into a trial account at the moment, but want to know how all of this works for when Ethan or I use Reclaim Cloud with others at our institution.

Absolutely, the system only looks at who the “owner” of the environment is to determine billing and status information. Since @watrall is the owner and has a billing account your account expiring won’t be affected.

They’ll be stopped, but not deleted for another 60 days. This allows trial users the opportunity to decide later if they want to upgrade their account without losing data right away.

Correct, collaboration users are not the same as trial users in the system, they don’t have access to create anything and get no notifications about accounts expiring, they are essentially just a login to the system to be able to collaborate on another user’s environment.

Ticket to us and we can convert the account no problem.

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This is perfect, thank you!

@timmmmyboy Tim, where would we open a ticket? I have noticed that, once my trial period ended for my main account this morning, it was suspended entirely and I lost access to do anything in the environments I was added on to as a collaboration user (@watrall’s account is the primary).

Or does he need to re-add me as a collaboration user?

Ah yeah, we may indeed need to change you to the collaborator group. I just did that, let me know if it works.

PS: to open a support ticket, or alternatively here:

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 5.11.27 PM

I received a notification in my dashboard that my permissions had been updated and it asked me to refresh. But after doing so, my account still appears to be locked out of everything. Maybe I did something wrong?

Should be fixed now, I had to do one additional step to activate the account account. Your gmail already had it but not your msu account.

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Thank you very much Tim!