CouchDB at Reclaim Hosting?

I’ve looked a little into CouchDB, which seems very promising as a way to share data in a way that can be accessed across various devices and used offline. Does anyone know if (or how) a CouchDB server could be set up at Reclaim Hosting?

Hey there,

cPanel is pretty exclusive on MySQL for databases. I think if you wanted to use an alternative database engine it would have to be on its own server and connect to it remotely. I see an older feature request for cPanel to support this at but doesn’t appear to have gained any traction.

Hi there! I’m reviving this old thread to let you know about our new product, Reclaim Cloud! While CouchDB isn’t compatible within the current Shared Hosting Model we run right now using MySQL, it does look like you can run the application using Docker.

We’re currently in the beta period so feel free to sign up and get started if you’d like!

Thank you! I appreciate that information; this looks very interesting. I’m a little swamped with other things just now but will definitely sign up for the beta if I can get back to that project.