Courses on / LinkedIn Learning that leverage Reclaim Hosting and DoOO

Back in 2015 when I went solo and started recording courses again for and now LinkedIn Learning, Jim and Tim were gracious enough to partner with me and we set up as a test environment for Reclaim and lynda courses. So far we’ve published 4 courses using the infrastructure and they’ve been watched by over 30k viewers (>250k movie views) in less than 2 yrs.

So huge thanks to Jim Groom and Tim Owens for making this possible. You guys rock!

I’m currently in the middle of recording a new season for Training Tips Weekly (a new series) where i have several episodes that will once again will dive into the DoOO infrastructure for Faculty and Students. Those episodes should start appearing in the library in Oct this year.

Courses currently available on lynda and LinkedIn Learning that leverage the DoOO infrastructure running on Reclaim Hosting:

WordPress for Education - walks you through setting up a course sites, student blog sites, and aggregating student blogs with FeedWordPress.

WordPress for Education: Multisite - follow up to the first WP course. This one focuses on mastering Multisite. Allowing you to manage multiple WordPress sites on a single instance.

HTML for Educators - basics of HTML and CSS that a typical faculty or student would need to know. The last chapter is dedicated to Reclaim Hosting infrastructure, and walks through basic setup of subdomain, cPanel, WordPress install, Moodle Install, sFTP, and File Manager.

Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning - covers a variety of tools and techniques for blended learning and brief into to open source tools on reclaim. During an upcoming update to this course the open tools is going to be expanded to several more tools and apps.

If your institution has access to or LinkedIn Learning then you can access all of these courses. If not here’s a 10 day pass to the library if you want to check them out: LinkedIn Learning with Lynda: Online Training Courses for Creative, Technology, Business Skills

If you have courses or app’s you’d like me to try to build into the library let me know.

chris mattia