CPU/RAM Limits and Omeka S Import

Not entirely surprisingly, I hit a RAM or CPU limit when running an import of Omeka Classic Items into an Omeka S instance. How have others handled this? (I would be surprised if I were the first.)

Edit: I’d be surprised, but I haven’t found anything here in the community forum.

Depending on where the cpu-drama is occurring, I have on occasion done the intensive stuff in local dev and then imported the database directly into mysql. If matching Omeka S to Omeka S dbs would help that might be a path. It’s what I’ve done with WordPress.

Not a bad idea, since this is never going to be a production instance and I can afford to mess around and make mistakes.

Someone off these forums suggested that I can set a paging parameter that might slow down the process and therefore not hog the CPU or RAM. That’ll be my next investigation.