Create a "How-to Guide" and include access code (Under Discussion)

When trying to run a DOO class I have a lot of red tape to get through to get budgets approved. If students could purchase a product in a book store their are multiple benefits.

First students can use financial aid. Many of my students work 2-3 jobs. Every dollar matters. Being able apply financial aid to books and services is critical. Many of vendors (assessment sites) sell licenses through store.

Secodn I can just assign the books. I don’t need 13,234 signatures in triplicate.

I had a discussion a few years back with another provider on a small scale like us that was working with a school and they had custom gift cards printed with codes and bought a sheet of scratch off stickers so you basically had like Starbucks cards and that’s what was sold in the bookstore, basically a gift card. I would almost prefer that over a printed book that would likely never get read. I’ll have to talk to a bookstore or two to get a feel for how those relationships work though. I imagine the conversation starts with a faculty member intent on assigning it for a course.

Usually and it is something we do. TK20 and assessment systems just sell codes through book stores.

I am happy to write this, probably just a one pager on “getting started” and some kind of coupon code.

Being able to sell subscription from bookstore is critical since we don’t have official program.

I need students to be able to apply financial aid. Hard to tell someone struggling with food secuity and rent they need a domain.

Not your or my problem to solve, but if a subscription code is available in book stores high need students can apply financial aid.

I would worry less about any how to guide book at this point and talk to your bookstore about getting in touch with us. It’s certainly feasible that we could provide gift cards or something along those lines but without any connection to the physical store that would be selling them we have no connection to that process (and they likely wouldn’t stock anything without a request from the faculty anyway).