Create secondary accounts in cPanel for a subdomains?

I have a feeling I could find the answer if I kept digging, but I haven’t figured it out and am not sure where to look next. I would like to create a subdomain and give a student access to just that subdomain to try installing different things and generally play around without having access to the main domain. So I created this:
But I’m not sure how to create a user account just for this subdomain.

There actually may be two issues here: perhaps I can’t just create subdomains through the domain without some extra fiddling on the part of our IT folks which was required to set up the domain in the first place.

Thanks for any light you can shed.

This is indeed an issue with cPanel in that they don’t yet have the concept of multiple users with per-user access restrictions. It’s not currently possible to give someone access to cPanel for a specific domain, you have to share the main login which gives them access to everything. We’ve been tracking this feature request here for quite awhile but no movement from cPanel on it

The second issue you identified relates to the domain actually working and you are correct that subdomains would need DNS pointed by your IT department. If they’ll do it, a simple wildcard DNS entry pointing * to our server would work (that way you don’t have to keep going back to the well on each new subdomain you create). That will at least get subdomains to work properly, but unfortunately the issue of per-user access will remain until cPanel builds it into their software.

Thanks - extremely helpful (though rather disappointing in that it would be awfully nice to have separate permissions for subdomains). I’m always impressed by how quickly you all respond!

I agree it is disappointing. For awhile there it seemed like this was something cPanel was actively working towards and then it just kind of stalled. I’m hopeful it is still on their roadmap, would make a huge difference towards collaborative use.