DNS services and SSL

Apologies if I missed this. I’m working through the Jelastic documentation and it looks like DNS records should be managed on our domain name registrant, rather than pointing name servers to Reclaim Hosting and managing these within our projects. Is that right?

Also, how would you recommend issuance of SSL certs on Reclaim Cloud? (figured this out). Starting very basic, but I’ll catch up soon.

Hi Tim! These are great questions! I was just playing around with this as I was moving my personal WordPress and had these exact questions. The DNS should still be managed within your cPanel/registrar. They recommend pointing an A record or CNAME record to your App Server. You can use an A record when you have a public IP and a CNAME record to point to your reclaim.cloud subdomain.

I also have a doc coming soon about issuing an SSL cert to a custom domain, right now the default SSL certificate is installed on the reclaim.cloud subdomain as a wildcard certifiate and you’ll have to reissue a new certificate to any mapped domain from the Addon Section within the App Server.

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