Docker image persistence

So, I muddled my way through creating a new container using docker engine and the official WordPress image. I deployed the WordPress image using a docker-compose.yml file to point to my existing MariaDB server and the docker-compose up command in the shell of the container. So far, so good.

How do I make this persistent? Do I just run docker-compose up & to put it in the background?

If you are interested in WordPress, the best way to go is to use preconfigured and optimized official Jelastic WordPress packages: Highly Available WordPress Cluster for mid and large sized production websites and Standalone Elastic WordPress for dev and small websites.

Regarding your question, you need to use -d option docker-compose up -d.

I think the Standalone Jelastic package is what I first tried. Is there a way when setting it up to get it to connect and use my existing MariaDB server instead of the local one, or do I need to move th DBs (and shut down the local MariaDB services) afterward?

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