Dokuwiki HTTP error 500

Is anyone else having trouble with Dokuwiki?

I have two, seldom-used wikis and upon visiting earlier this week began to receive an error message:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

I’m not sure whether this is a php server error or a problem with doku needing an update.

Looks like that site is loading for me, you still getting the error?


The site is flat html; it comes up fine. The wikis are in the subdirectories:

Looks like this was a result of the installs not being compatible with PHP 7 which we are moving towards. I switched that domain back to PHP 5.6 in cPanle under Software > MultiPHP and that seems to have fixed it.

Definite progress. Thanks Timmmyboy!

It looks like one of the two wikis is now functioning. This one, still presents the same image:

I have been exploring c-panel. I don’t see an option for setting the php version on a per-directory basis. I looked for a php.ini or some other control file that might be overriding the sitewide setting but found nothing in in /engl756856/wiki/

Further advice?

Can’t change at the subfolder level, only domains and subdomains can run different versions. Subfolders inherit the settings of the top level domain.

In this case the error was a bit easier to diagnose, for whatever reason the apostrophe in the title of the wiki isn’t being escaped correctly in the config file. I just removed the apostrophe in domain’s and the wiki is back online.