Domain binding being a little squirrelly

Hi! I’ve created a new Mattermost environment and have bound it to a subdomain of an existing Reclaim domain, and created an A record pointing to the public IP address. I am intermittently having that domain mapping fail, however, resulting in an empty index page being loaded. Is this just a matter of propagation time or is there something else I might need to do?

Hello Kathleen,

In looking at how your DNS is set up, I show an A record for pointing to Typically the way you would want to configure this would be to set up a CNAME record for the domain to point to the environment name.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

Gordon Hawley
Customer Support Specialist
Reclaim Hosting

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Thanks, Gordon. I’d been instructed to use an A record with a previous instance and have had no problems with it, so I just did the same thing again. I’ll try the CNAME and see if it’s more stable! More TK.

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Yeah, I am the culprit behind the A record, I have had equal luck with both but would be interested to see how it fares with CNAME, if you have issues let us know. The CNAME is definitely better for avoiding being married to a single IP address, so Gordon may be giving out better advice than me, as usual.

Thanks to both of you! We’ve made the switch and things seem more stable so far. I appreciate the help!

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