Domain Camp 2019 Opens June 11

Perfect! I love how self-serve this is :slight_smile:

When will the campfire songs begin? I’m Chris Aldrich joining from the Los Angeles area. I’ve got a long-time site at and you can follow my camping activities in your feed reader at

I’m happy to lend anyone a hand in getting their tent set up, going canoeing, hiking/orienteering, etc.

hello everyone! Finally found this community. So happy to learn along with you all!

Straggling in…got stuck in the mud on the way.

FYI Kim,

I saw your message about not getting rid of the mountains in your Aerial theme- it looks like the image you added is not in the place it is expected. You need to navigate a few folders down in you site:


and replace that bg.jpg with your desired image

See as the URL for where it wants the image is still mountains

Hi, here from BC to learn more about Cpanel and Wordpress stuff.


Thanks I will give that a try!


That worked and thank you. I am just wondering how I would know (in the future) to use that route? Originally I used the following route

The themes are different where they store images (it takes some reading of HTML to find) ; that’s why we have some specific instructions for each one

Don’t worry, this is likely not the tool you want for a real site.