Domain Camp 2019 Opens June 11

This corner of the Reclaim Hosting community is intended to support people relatively new to domains (as well as others interested in helping them).

For the second summer in a row, the Ontario Extend project is offering a 4 week series of activities aimed at helping new domain owners understand cpanel, subdomains, install apps (more than WordPress), and a few more basics.

We start this week!

We ask that anyone coming to Domain Camp stand up here and say hello… this place is especially important as one anyone should feel comfortable asking questions and getting help from others.

Who’s here for camp?


Joined to find out how to get started.


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I’m here - flashlight in hand! hoping to illuminate some gear in the coming weeks! Thanks for setting up the tents cogdog!



Thank you very much - have been enjoying both the information and the way it’s presented (I went to Girl Scout camp - :grinning:).


PS: Just started the activities and already have a couple of mini-muddles/questions…is this the right place/time to ask them? Sorry (climbs out of tent, leaps into the underbrush and ends up covered in mud)! Thanks!


Great to see everyone here, hope everyone has their domains ready to get started.


Thanks for letting me pitch a tent at your awesome campsite. Happy to join from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and looking forward to meeting everyone! I’ll be participating from my domain:

Welcome Camper Tim! Thanks for pitching a tent, and I love the domain name (looking forward to your sharing it’s back story this week).

Hi Nell,
Great to find a fellow guider! Although, I think this camp may be a different experience :wink:

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Kim from Conestoga here! Glad to hang out by the campfire with all of you. I watched the videos played around with a couple landing pages. But alas I got too close to the fire and now I get a 403 error message. Any suggestions?


Everyone is going to have wide range of questions, so wipe the mud out of your eyes.

Ut makes a but more sense to go to the main listing of the Newbies Corner, and put your question under as a “new Topic” - it will be easier for people to find, rather than this long thread

Uh oh, 403.

That’s not much to go on. Can you share more about the steps you did? A link to the bad url? You can install Site Publisher pages over old content, so you might be able to override it.

And like a suggested to Nell, in this forum, it’s a bit better to start a New Topic to ask a different question.

Ok, I will. I tried out a few of the templates and published a couple, checked to see if it was working and it did. I went back to use a previous one then when I checked my site I had the 403 message. I will put my question into a new thread.


The full message in the screenshot helps a little, that htaccess file is important and seems to have gotten messed up. Nothing wrong you did.

This looks like something you should submit a support ticket to reclaim hosting, when you log in to look for Submit a Ticket under the Support menu, let them know you were trying out Site Publisher and got that error. They should be able to fix quickly.

Sorry for a bad first domain experience. I break my sites pretty regularly.


Office hours for Domain Camp this week are open at noon EST Wednesday (hey that’s in 10 minutes!) Visit with Camp HQ staff (all of them!) via zoom

Hah! If you were not here you missed out on the secrets of discobot.


Your reply gave me the first smile of the morning. Nice to find a fellow guider, indeed. And, definitely different. :smiley:


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Thank you!! I will do that (busily wiping mud flecks)


Hello to all,
I think I have packed correctly and am ready to get started. Thanks for inviting me on this trip.

Hey @cogdog, I’m still in the process of getting my domain set up and in action - can I follow along and contribute what I can? People gotta approve credit card things around here.

Oh yes, Camp is all self structured! Do what you can when you can

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