Domain Camp is Catch Up Week

We did not say “ketchup”!

We give folks this week some time to catch up or explore their domains even more, there are no scheduled activities.

Things puck up on August 7 when we look at other apps you can install in your domain.

Shew, hurray for catch up week. I have a project that has been draining my time at work these last 10 days. I finally got to the email part of week 3 again. I could not get my email software to pick it up. I was using Office 365 Outlook. I gave up on it and used Windows Live Mail. Has the email been tested on Office 365 Outlook? There was not an automatic set up for that one. I tried both Outlook options but neither worked.

I cannot help much with software setup. I would try the general settings listed for either POP or IMAP. It’s standard configuration stuff, nothing software specific.

Forwarders seem much more useful than creating new accounts that need checking. But let us know if you can figure it out.

The auto-configure scripts that cPanel provides are (in my opinion) very hit or miss. As much as it can be a pain I usually use the manual settings and configure it as a generic IMAP account (IMAP basically means the email is stored on the server and your client is reading from our server so you can check from multiple devices whereas POP actually downloads the email off our server to whatever client you are using).