Domain Camp Week 6: With More Wordpress Stuff

Ontario Extend Domain Camp will be in full gear this week, with a video intro and blog post ready Tuesday, drop-in office hours Wednesday and Thursday, all with more activities added to our bank of 18 current domain of your owning things to do.

We are spending the rest of summer camp going more into detail of using Wordpress (cause there’s more to do than writing blog posts). This week we are looking at permalinks, setting up menus, and rolling at a plugin parade.

And we are taking requests for future topics. Find a good stick and bring to the campfire.

And the full post is out with all the details for this week’s Domain Camp activities.

We already broadcast the intro video (nobody was there, but we are on repeats)

Drop in the office hours Wednesday (3pm EST) or Thursday (12:30pm EST) and keep me from being lonely at camp :wink: