DoOO and ABE: Any examples?

I am wondering if there are any examples of schools using DoOO in Adult Basic Education programs. Thanks!

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any. Closest example would be community college, Lansing Community College, which @econproph is running the program there. But I believe (correct me if I’m wrong Jim) he’s focusing on their platform more as a space to build systems and empower the faculty at LCC rather than providing spaces directly to students there.

Hi Geoff!

Here at LCC, we’re actually doing both things. We set up spaces for students, although what we’re doing is giving them WP sites on a multi-site install and not giving them individual domains/cPanels for each student.

On the faculty/program side, it’s let’s say “fluid” since we’re really doing a lot of experimentation. What seems to be evolving and appears to be the main strategy going forward is setting up a domain/cpanel for each major program such as psych, econ, biology, chemistry, kinesiology, etc. Then we set up a multi-site WP in that domain. The exception is a handful of faculty that are ready and have enough stuff that they really need their own domain/cpanel & WP multi.

Within each program’s WP multisite we/they are creating a bunch of different sites related to the program. There are of course some basic blog/portfolio type sites for the faculty, but the majority of the sites are very pedagogy & course related Examples: WP sites with specific exercises/assignments/ learning activities/materials for each course, sites where students are expected to “write in a public space”, course hubs, discussions sites, and (soon) a virtual lab notebook.

We also have some sites setup to share teaching ideas/practices between faculty and across the college.

I’m not sure what you’re meaning by adult basic ed (stuff like GED completion?). As a community college, the college has both a developmental classes program (reading, writing, & math prep for those not at college-level yet) and we have the non-credit “community ed” classes. The only site I have so far in those areas is a kind of OER repository/directory for use by our developmental (we call it “transitional”) ed instructors. However, I’m starting to get inquiries from folks in these areas.

Be glad to talk more with you about whatever questions you have if we can help.