DoOO pilot assessment survey examples?


We’ll be finishing up our first semester of officially launching our DoOO pilot here at UMass Amherst (UMass Create, with due regard to OU Create and MiddCreate), and we’re building an assessment survey for our pilot participants.

Does anyone have any good survey questions or structural elements for any assessments they have done for DoOO pilots and services, or know of anyone who does that I should consider reaching out to?

Essentially, we’re looking for the kinds of things to ask about that wouldn’t be obvious at first blush, or even those in the “I WISH we’d asked about X and Y when we did our assessment” category.

Thanks for anything anyone can provide!

Hi Sam.

Although I have never designed a survey specifically for DoOO, you will find some general questions that you can use here.

b. Carilion Clinic survey:

These tend to follow similar patterns. The challenge, as you have identified, will be to incorporate “key variables” specific to DoOO.

Although I cannot help you with a survey design specific to you context, I will try to provide certain general outlines and comments.

  1. Include an brief introduction and mention that the survey is a short survey (This will encourage users to respond).

  2. For an online questionnaire (Qualtrics, Survey Monkey etc.), try to break up questions by blocks. Do not lump all the questions on one page. Making people scroll down through a survey is one of the fastest ways to lose respondents in the middle of the questionnaire.

  3. Do not include leading questions (eg. Leading Questions).

  4. Try to use both open ended questions and closed ended questions. (In some cases you may be unsure of which features a user liked). So in addition to the features that you identified, include a question asking users to write about their experiences.

Let me know if this helps. Also let me know if you have further questions.

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Thank you; this is definitely useful stuff!

You might also want to check out the DoOO slack group. They’re more focused on the research side of things.