DoOO Sysadmin/DevOps Qualifications/Job Description

DoOO at LCC has so far been an “experiment” for the past 15 mos so see “if it’s worthwhile”. As such, I’ve been responsible for the whole shooting match - with only 0.4 FTE reassign time from my teaching.

Now the school is considering “institutionalizing” the DoOO & related WP project(s), so we’re looking to add some support. They’re looking to add some kind of server sysadmin/DevOps person to assist me - probably a half-time person, perhaps as added work for a computer systems adjunct instructor.

They’ve asked me to come up with a quasi-job description esp with desired qualifications. Anybody out there have a job description or list of suggested quals they could forward or offer? I’d greatly appreciate.

(they don’t seem to understand when I said a mini- Tim Owens or Tom Woodward would be just great.)

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I replied as much elsewhere, but good to repeat it here. If you want Wordpress development, then you would be solid with someone who has good knowledge of PHP and Javascript. As for sysadmin, I would say that would be a working knowledge of the LAMP stack, in particular as it is framed through cPanel. So, someone who understands Apache, .htaccess, DNS, as well as MySQL and a working knowledge of how scripting languages like PHP, Perl, and Python. In fact, those might be two very different set of skills, just so you know, so you may want to prioritize.

Jim Groom