Ds106 down for me?

Ds106.us seems to be down only for me.

According to http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ds106.us

I get a message like account is blocked when trying to submit a new daily create assignment.
Further more I don’t see the website but only text and text links. No graphics.


Can you send a screenshot of the message? Usually if it’s a firewall block you can’t access the site at all. This sounds like perhaps some plugin on that site in particular. Have you tried any other browsers?


Hi Tim
This is what I get when submitting the form


That’s really odd. That is the screen that would show when a hosting account hs been suspended for nonpayment but ds106 is not on a plan like that and as best I can can tell the site hasn’t been suspended since the site is up. I would try clearing your browser cache following the guide at Refreshyourcache.com - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache!.

That worked!
Merry xmas & happy 2018 to you and the Reclaim Hosting team

Excellent! Merry Christmas!