Dusting off Memory of Domain Mapping in Multisite

One of my clients I set up with a multisite (lets cool it coolstuff.org) has another organizations domain mapped to a subsite. This was done in maybe 2014 using the old Domain Mapping plugin, which is no longer necessary.

The organization with the mapped domain opted to register a new one that is shorter and is asking how to update the mapping. I’ve added the new domain to their cpanel, which set up the A/C records, and when they are ready, will tell them to change the nameserver on their domain registrar. Once that is done I will change the site_url value in their Multisite settings

The one thing is fuzzy is that before I think we had them use the nameserver for the account domain, something like ns1.coolstuff.org and ns2.coolstuff.org - is that still right, or can they use the normal ns1/ns2.reclaimhosting.com

Fuzzy is the memory.


They can point nameservers to ns1.reclaimhosting.com and ns2.reclaimhosting.com and when you do an addon domain just make sure it uses the directory where the WPMS lives. That should do it once you update the site’s settings in WPMS with the new site URL.

Big fan,

Perfect, yes the domain is using the default public_html directory of the main multisite. Kids should know how easy this stuff is!