Easier Management of Status Notifications

I was getting reclaim status outages for all servers, and on checking the notifications saw that I could select the servers I wanted notification for.

Except there are like 50 of them, w/o a button to select none, I had t manually uncheck a whole raft. That’s okay. But I have about 5 clients on reclaim, and the only way to find what servers I was on was to go into each cpanel server information.

it would be nice, if possible, to have a place in the client portal where it lists what servers we are on.

Also, one of my client is on ?? Sebadoh, which I did not see as an option in the status notification.

Thanks, the notification system works well, and I like being able to pick the servers I get notified for.

Sebadoh is brand new, I’ll get it added. This is a good recommendation for a future upgrade though. Right now the status page is a separate piece of software that has no real integration (it’s all manual on our part to add items, mark the status, etc). Definitely needs to be on the roadmap to improve.

Understood. Still getting notifications I’ve not checked (Stonehill College just came in). Am just shutting off notifications for now