Edgeport Premium HTTP/3 Ready CDN Now Available

This week we have integrated Verizon’s Edgecast Content Delivery Network as a premium addon available to customers who are looking to boost speed and performance with a global audience. Edgecast boasts a highly interconnected global network of 130+ Super PoPs (points of presence) with bandwidth capacity up to 64 Tbps, advanced caching and acceleration strategies based on best-in-class IP Anycast technology.


  • HTTP-over-QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) enables maximum web performance speed and security
  • Fast-routing IP Anycast technology
  • Intelligent load balancing ensures delivery from the fastest resource for each request
  • 100% availability of the content and 30% faster performance than offered by competitive solutions
  • Open Peering Policies provide single-hop low latency connections to thousands of networks


  • First 10TB Traffic - $0.08/GB
  • Next 50TB Traffic - $0.07/GB
  • Next 100TB Traffic - $0.06/GB
  • Next 300TB Traffic - $0.05/GB
  • Over 460TB Traffic - $0.04/GB

$0.0075 per 10,000 Requests (HTTP and HTTPS)


You’ll find Edgeport as an addon available from any Jelastic container by clicking Addons and then Install

You’ll also find the CDN as an option for some some automated installers in our Marketplace such as WordPress

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I installed this on bavatuesdays, pretty slick!