Examples of Reclaim Hosted Content in Non WordPress Platforms

I’m working on (and will be sharing in a few days) a new collection of practice activities aimed at people new to cpanel and domain-ing. They will be general to cpanel but participants will be suggested the option of practicing with a free account at StateU.org (thanks Reclaim).

As a deeply entrenched WordPress builder I still want to introduce people to the possibilities of the other great site building tools; if you have any sites hosted in Reclaim created with any of the following (or more available in the Big Set of Applications), please share a link? Participants will be suggested to use this Newbies Corner to ask questions.

Looking for sharable links for sites/resources built with:

  • Omeka
  • Scalar
  • Grav (of course there will be stuff from @paulhibbitts)
  • DocuWiki
  • drupal
  • Koken
  • Lychee photo
  • LimeSurvey (or any other poll tools)

This sounds like an awesome project @cogdog, thanks for including Grav as an example platform!

If I can be of any help re: Grav materials please let me know.
ps - if you are looking for another Grav site example, my current fully online course site might also be of interest: https://opencoursehub.cs.sfu.ca/paulh/cmpt-363/202/home (and embedded in a Canvas course shell at Canvas LMS)

I don’t know if this fits since it’s not a public site, but I have been a TinyTinyRSS user ever since Google Reader kicked the bucket and it has served me well. It’s probably not as shiny or fancy but it has everything I need and I like having it on my own domain so I can easily access it anywhere if I want read up on my subscribed feeds.

Hey Alan. Here are a couple of posts that I’ve written about our use of Omeka in OU Create: https://johnastewart.org/dh/omeka-of-ones-own/ & https://johnastewart.org/dh/omeka-html5up/. I think several of these projects have been allowed to expire.

We’ve also created some tutorials for several non-WP apps: Grav, Omeka, & TimelineJS.


It can fit! I’m using the Assignment Bank theme and a new feature includes uploads for examples that could be a screenshot. I just need to build a “thing” for TinyTinyRSS.

These are exactly what I seek, John. I’ll be weaving in those tutorial ones as well nothing like a Grav tutorial built in Grav!

Just for my own record keeping, I remembered this Kenyon College site @Joe_Murphy shared that’s built in Omeka.

Thanks for sharing the Grav tutorial @John_Stewart! Not to change the subject, but I’ve also been exploring Docsify for open docs and perhaps that might be of interest to you too for your OU docs?

As an experiment, I (pretty painless) converted by Grav project docs to Docsify:
https://learn.hibbittsdesign.org/ (Grav)
https://docs.hibbittsdesign.org/ (Docsify)

While much more limiting that Grav, for simple Markdown-based documentation I’ve been really impressed with Docsify!

Hey @cogdog, happy to chat about how I’m using Grav in combination with WordPress and Moodle!

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Faculty at BrockU have done some nice work using Reclaim Hosting and Scalar’s one button publishing.

I could only add one link due to being a new poster https://researchguides.library.brocku.ca/c.php?g=648524&p=4939168 (First three links on this OER site are using Reclaim & Scalar)

Oh yes, we can’t forget Moodle with Grav😉 Here is a demo site hosted on Reclaim too: http://paulhibbitts.net/moodle/

We’ve got a couple more of examples of Omeka use, including Mapa del exilio de escritores españoles which uses the Neatline plugins, Animal Tales which looks at science writing and visual communication, and The Hocking Hills School of the Dance which is fun because it’s actually a work of historical fiction in the form of an exhibit.

I also have a Twine file uploaded to the hosting account completely without the help of any CMS…

It’s not education related, but I recently spun up a photo site using Lychee at http://photowall.jrdingwall.ca/ I haven’t done a great job of tagging or descriptions yet but there are samples of whole albums being Copyrighted, CC Licensed, or individual photos with different licenses.