Export a IIIF Manifest

hello all,

recently I have installed Omeka-S on reclaim hosting, for building a digital exhibit.

I have been trying to create a digital exhibition of IIIF resources on Omeka-S. So I installed the modules of the IIIF server and image server on Omeka-S, but I cannot export the IIIF manifest created by Omeka-S on reclaim hosting to the public website. For example, If I want to add my manifest to a public Mirador viewer, there is always a technical error as importing the IIIF manifest.

This error occurs because there is no IIIF server on reclaim hosting?

Thank you!

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Hi Ulyces,

To be clear, where is the IIIF server you are exporting from hosted? I am not over familiar with IIIF, and I wonder if this might be a better questions for the Omeka-S forums, but if you can provide a bit more detail on the IIIF server I can take a look and confirm as much.


hi, thanks for your reply. I figured out this issue. The reason I can’t export the IIIF manifest is that my domain doesn’t have security authentication. After it is issued by SSL certificate. The newly created IIIF manifest can be present in public IIIF viewer.

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That is good news, glad this worked out!

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