Feature Requests/Voting

Thinking about adding this plugin here Discourse Topic Voting - #124 - plugin - Discourse Meta. It would offer the ability to have a category specifically for feature requests and folks could vote up the features they’d like to see us implement. Perhaps a nice way for the community to help drive our roadmap as we grow. What do you all think?


I know I am biased, but I really like this idea. I would love to get a sense of what people think is important for us to be working on.

It also gives a nice way to aggregate requests and see the discourse on the pro’s/con’s of the idea. I vote for voting. This will also mean I no longer have to use change.org to petition Reclaim for a black shirt!

/me revokes Adam’s membership card.

We had a real good run, me and you!

This has now been activated and a dedicated category Feature Requests has been added to solicit feedback from the community on anything they’d like to see us focus on.

I summarily reject community input :wink:

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