File size limit increase in Omeka

Does anyone know how to increase the max file size within an Omeka install? From what I’ve read on various Omeka forums this requires adjusting the php.ini file on the server. I’ve been unable to locate the php.ini file so far. I have modified the upload.maxFileSize line in the config.ini for the install itself, but that line specifically notes that the variable in the config file won’t overwrite a value set in php.ini. I guess if the php.ini file isn’t there then this fix will take care of it but at the risk of rambling more than I already have, I’ll stop here.

Anyone who’s done this successfully that wouldn’t mind chiming in would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Most of our servers should have the functionality outlined here. Give that a try and see if it works!

Great! Thanks @timmmmyboy. So after looking at these settings, is there no way to increase over 1GB via the php? Not necessarily that I want or need to at this point, but looking forward if the request comes through.

Users can’t raise it that high. Theoretically it could be raised at the server level, however as a policy we don’t do that due to PHP not handling uploads of that size well and putting resource constraints on the server. Our recommendation for large uploads would be to utilize the Dropbox plugin for Omeka which allows FTP uploads to be added into an Omeka repository (plugin has no affiliation with the service of the same name). FTP uploads have no limits on the size of individual files (File Manager can be used as well, I believe it has a limit of 1GB on files uploaded there)

Makes perfect sense. I’m not actively seeking out ways to break things I promise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: