Get Ready for Domain Camp

They are still painting and fixing the screen doors in the cabins, but we are set up for the Ontario Extend Domain Camp launching Tuesday, July 10.

This is open to anyone with a brand new domain or one that have been tinkering with for a while. There will be a few weekly activities, some live drop in sessions, and my big hope, to use this part of the Reclaim Hosting Community as our own hub of discussion.

What do you need? See

And try and arm twist some other friends/colleagues to join in.

The first prompts here… Well, what is your domain? What is the story behind it’s name? What is there now (maybe nothing, that’s ok). What would you like to do with / learn more about in managing your own domain?

Hello campers!

The domain I am using for demo purposes has everything you get with an account from Reclaim Hosting. I decided it would be a laboratory for Ontario Extend, hence

Right now, it is just a place holder landing page there (which we cover this week) and will flesh out next week. I also have one Wordpress site set up in a subdomain (also on tap for week 2)

Sweet, just tweeted it out!

Newbie here. I have an account with ReclaimHosting and just started a twitter account for this “Camp”. Have a website with Reclaim hosting and have just pointed a url “” to them a couple of hours ago and would like to join your camp and learn to set it up as a blog and have some fun.
QUESTION: How do I sign up for this camp. Is it something we need to log into at some arranged time for a conference or something? Thanks

Hey John, glad you will join us. Most of the activity will by asynchronous and announced first in this community/forum.

The topics and placeholders for content are at the bottom of Each week will include some introduction to topics in that site published Tuesday morning, a live demo via Google hangout that will be recorded, then links to some activities for you to try, and share your results, a live video session you can drop into on Wednesdays, and hopefully a lot of conversation here.

Good to see you have some domains and some Wordpress chops in action.

Ok. kind of confused here. I have a registered domain name and it’s hosted on WordPress. Do I have to move it to Reclaim for this? will severely limit your ability to participate with this, mostly because it’s only a hosted content management system (an awesome one, but having a domain of your own is about much more than than just a URL which I imagine we’ll get into during this camp). My recommendation to you is to head over to which will let you sign up for a 30 day trial of a cPanel account you can use to play around with as a sandbox and see what it’s about. Some things may not be enabled there but you’ll find many more tools than those available through and ultimately it will be easier to follow along should you choose to participate in some capacity here. And in the end if you decide it’s valuable we could always lure you over to a full on Reclaim Hosting account and move that site for you (but no need to dive into the deep end before you’ve even gotten the temperature of the water).

No, I would leave the blog where it is now; starting camp with a blog migration is a bit complex.

While you do have a domain name, it really is a pointer to just one Wordpress site. The idea of a hosted domain is that you can have multiple, different sites, and not just Wordpress, plus you are able to use themes and plugins not available on

Send me a DM in twitter and we can talk about getting a second domain to use to learn how all this works.

Hey there I’m a super noob. Working on transferring my domain from squarespace to reclaim. Really looking forward to learning more!


I’m Chris. I’ve had my own domain—a series of them—for…a while. I’m following along because:

  • I’m an Alan fanboy

  • I teach a class in digital citizenship that requires students to get their domain on and I’m looking for ideas to make that a richer experience for them the next time around

My current personal site is – the name is my old login ID back in the mainframe terminal days and has the virtue of generally being available on any site or service where I have to create username :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris, it’s a huge asset to me to have you following along.

I still remember my VAX account login from Arizona State University, AGAHL not sure if I would domain that, but I might do some retro subdomain with it.

AGAHL sounds like a warrior cry!

My login was for a VAX as well. I miss a lot about those days (sometimes)…

Hi fellow campers!

I have started the domain camp activities on my new site - I am really quite excited about it. You may have hear of procrastination. Well, procaffination is the art of putting off everything until you have your first morning coffee. Mmmm coffee, don’t start anything without it!

I have been part of the Ontario Extend family for almost 3 months and my practice is to get up in the morning, grab a coffee and look to twitter to see the Daily Extend. I have been blogging with a free Wordpress site and hope to move that over in the future.

I have a lot of ideas that I would like to pursue in addition to having my blog’o’education on the site. I like the idea of different subdomains to capture some of my other interests.

I hope to learn more from all of you during camp and beyond.